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Qritive Launches QAi Prostate: Advanced AI-Powered Prostate Cancer Diagnosis Tool for Pathologists

QAi Prostate leverages advanced machine learning algorithms to accurately identify and classify malignant and benign areas in prostate biopsies, improving diagnostic accuracy and patient outcomes

Qritive, a leading provider of digital pathology solutions, announced the launch of a new AI (Artificial Intelligence) module, QAi Prostate, for prostate cancer diagnosis. Using advanced machine learning algorithms, QAi Prostate analyzes whole slide images of prostate core needle biopsies, identifies prostatic adenocarcinoma region, and segments and classifies them into benign and malignant areas.

Prostate adenocarcinoma is the most common form of prostate cancer, accounting for approximately 90% of all prostate cases. QAi Prostate is a powerful tool that utilizes both whole slide images and regions of interest (ROI) for screening adenocarcinoma. After identifying and classifying the benign and malignant tumor areas in biopsy tissue samples, it provides a detailed summary explaining the tumor size and percentage for each slide or ROI. This helps pathologists make a more informed and accurate diagnosis quickly, thereby reducing time to treatment for patients.

Capabilities central to the QAi Prostate module include:

  • Intelligent AI-based tumor classification: Distinct segmentation boundaries to segregate the benign and malignant areas provide clear visual representation for quicker assessment by the pathologists.
  • Enriched and Detailed AI summary: Analyzed key parameters are represented in user-friendly graphical and tabular forms for ease of use by pathologists and clinicians.
  • Automated screening: Once a lab’s cases are uploaded, the QAi Prostate module analyzes the cases and can automatically initiate screening, triage, and prioritization of cases for pathologists’ final review, increasing their productivity.

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