Expanding the frontiers of Prostate cancer diagnosis

  • Integrated with pathlab digital workflows for everyday use.
  • Screening, triaging for cancer detection.
  • Clinical grade
  • Improved productivity and shorter turnaround time
  • Screening, triaging at Case / slide / Region of Interest (ROI) level
  • AI-based diagnostic tools: case / slide classification, tumor segmentation with colored boundaries, area measurements, detailed AI-summary with tables, charts.


Introducing QAi Prostate Dx and QAi Prostate Grade by Qritive, advanced solutions tailored for precise prostate cancer screening and grading. Prostate adenocarcinoma, the most prevalent prostate cancer type globally, continues to escalate in incidence. QAi Prostate stands as a robust tool specifically designed for accurate adenocarcinoma detection.

These solutions optimize lab workflows, enhancing efficiency by enabling screening, triage, and prioritization of cases, offering vital support to pathologists. With a clinical-grade approach, QAi Prostate Grade utilizes AI-based tumor classification to discern between benign and malignant cases, providing precise boundaries through segmentation maps for simplified comprehension and swift assessment at slide or Region of Interest (ROI) levels.

The AI-generated summary report includes comprehensive insights derived from analyzed parameters, such as stromal, glandular, benign, and malignant tissue areas. Presented through data tables and charts at the case level, this report offers a detailed understanding of prostate anatomy, indicating tumor classification at corresponding gross label locations. QAi Prostate by Qritive delivers detailed, explainable AI-driven insights, empowering pathologists with valuable information for more accurate and efficient assessments.

  • Prostate adenocarcinoma is the most common form of prostate cancer which is the 2nd highest occurring cancer among men and increasing every year worldwide. ProstateQ AI is a powerful tool to detect prostatic adenocarcinoma.
  • Increases lab productivity by enabling screening, triage and prioritization of cases assisting pathologists.
  • Clinical grade solution for AI-based tumor classification as either benign or malignant with detailed boundaries using segmentation maps for easy explainability and quicker assessment by pathologists based on slide or Region of Interest (ROI).
  • Enriched and detailed AI summary report based on the analysed parameters – stromal, glandular, benign and malignant tissue with their areas are shown in data tables, charts at the case level along with prostate anatomy image indicating tumor classification at the corresponding gross label location.

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