Pantheon AcademyTM

Pantheon AcademyTM

Pantheon Academy provides storage repository for the digitized pathology whole slide images and collaboration for the pathologists for research and academic use. 
Slide Features

Slide repository - Storage and Archival

  • Cloud storage for whole slide images.
  • Collections – Group whole slide images into logical collections (folders) for use.
  • Active storage – Keep slides in use under the active storage.
  • Archival storage – Move slides into archival storage to be accessed later and save costs.
  • Secure and reliable storage.
Workflow Features

Enable Collaboration

  • Share slide collection for second opinion and peer review.
  • Remote access to the slide through cloud storage for collaborative review.
  • Comment / Forum to ease joint diagnosis.
  • Academic and Research use: Study set for organization and future consultation.

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