Qritive Digital Pathology Experience Program - India

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6-Month Free Access
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QAi ProstateTM AI Module & Pantheon AcademyTM
Image Management System

100% discount for six months followed by 90% for two years*.
This offer is valid for August and September 2023.
**Cloud computing costs not included | *Products are for Research Use only.

About the program

Welcome to Qritive DP Experience Program – India, where innovation meets impact! Aligned with our mission to continuously innovate and provide the best clinical AI solutions, we are excited to launch this program focused on enhancing cancer diagnostics and advancing health equity. As part of this exclusive initiative, we are offering the first five new customers in India a unique opportunity to experience our clinical-grade QAi Prostate and Pantheon Academy solutions with a free six-month access, followed by an unbeatable 90% discount on our products. QAi Prostate, presented at USCAP, garnered widespread acclaim from the pathology community for its high clinical performance. Join us in shaping the future of healthcare and transform cancer diagnosis with Qritive’s AI technology. Don’t miss this chance! Participate in the program today and elevate your diagnostic capabilities to new heights!

Featured products in the program

Clinical AI solutions that enhance cancer diagnosis and advance health equity.
Clinical AI solutions that enhance cancer diagnosis and advance health equity.
Qritive’s image management system provides simplified storage and collaborative workflows for pathologists.

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QAi ProstateTM enables efficient screening, triage, and prioritization of cases, assisting pathologists in crucial decision-making. Pantheon AcademyTM provides a repository for digitized pathology slides, promoting pathologist collaboration for research and academic use.


Faster & precise diagnosis for transformative care.

Hear What Our Customers Have to Say

“I have been using Qritive's digital pathology platform for over a year and I must say, it is a game-changer for me and my medical practice. The system allows me to easily upload and efficiently manage digital images of tissue samples. And with just a few clicks, I can easily share high-quality images and slides with colleagues and experts located anywhere in the world, allowing us to collaborate in real-time on patient cases and provide faster and more accurate diagnoses."
Dr Gurudutt Gupta
Head of Pathology, Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute Research Center
“I have found Qritive's Pantheon an excellent platform that has the necessary foundation to ensure quality output at the pathologists' workstations. Qritive has already made deep inroads in establishing AI based solutions for pathologists in multiple domains. I am confident that Qritive will be one of the pioneers in pathbreaking developments in AI and healthcare."
Dr KV Santosh
Sr Consultant Pathologist, RV Metropolis, Bengaluru

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